Goodbye Rootstock!

Rootstock Sydney

It’s impossible to sum up what Rootstock Sydney has been for us, what a push forward it gave to the Australian Natural Wine movement and the whole food&wine industry. Such amazing 5 years of festivals, crazy fun times and so many good memories.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Giorgio De Maria, Mike Bennie and James Hird for your energy, generosity and vision and the many volunteers for your (insanely) hard work.
We will miss Rootstock!!!!

Huge love!!
Alex & Galit xx

Where it all began

The Other Right x Jauma

6.5 years ago, starry eyed and a little overwhelmed.
A big shout out to this top man who opened his heart, home and shed for us.
It’s been our second home for the last 5 years and we will miss making a mess in the Jauma wonder-shed!
Thanks for giving us wings James. 
With forever gratitude and everlasting love ❤️🙏 
Alex&Galit xoxo

Swoop Swoop oh Baby Rock Rock

If I could be anything
in the world that flew
I would be a bat and come
swooping after you
And if the last time you were here
things were a bit askew

Well, you know what happens after dark
When rattlesnakes lose their skins and their hearts
And all the missionaries lose their bark

Oh, all the trees are calling after you
And all the venom snipers after you
Are all the mountains boulder after you

If I could be any one of the things
in this world that bite
Instead of a dentured ocelot on a leash
I'd rather be a kite
And be tied to the end of your string
and flying in the air, baby, at night

'Cause you know what they say about honey bears
When you shave off all their baby hair
You have a hairy minded pink bare bear

And all the bells are rolling out for you
And stones are all erupting out for you
And all the cheap bloodsuckers are flying after you

Yesterday, Daisy Mae and Biff
were groovin' on the street
And just like in a movie
her hands became her feet
Her belly button was her mouth
which meant she tasted what she'd speak, ooohhh

But the funny thing is what happened to her nose, ooohhh
It grew until it reached all of her toes, ooohhh
Now, when people say her feet smell, they mean her nose

And curtains laced with diamonds, dear for you
And all the Roman noblemen for you
And kingdom's Christian soldiers, dear for you
And melting ice cap mountains tops for you
Oh, oh, and knights in flaming silver robes for you
And bats that with a kiss turn prince for you
Swoop, swoop, oh, baby, rock, rock
Swoop, swoop, rock, rock
Swoop, swoop, rock, rock

Thank you for the music Lou.